Medical Shoes NAT1

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20 sierpnia 2019
Klapki medyczne NAT4
Medical shoes NAT4
20 sierpnia 2019

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Medical shoes NAT1

Premium-rate medical shoes made form natural components. Orthopedically profiled bottom stimulates foot’s receptors soothing unpleasant effects of longitudinal standing work. A profile with a carving for one’s heel and toes and a toe roller helps  with supporting the longitudinal arch of foot. Our shoes ensure supreme comfort thanks to wadding with soft plastic material and coating with natural leather.

Available patterns: dots, meadow, black, white

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Medical shoes NAT1 is characterised by ideally profiled interior. Special orthopedic insoles were wadded with termo-plastic  material and coated with leather. Moreover, extraordinary features of our products are confirmed by the studies conducted by Central Laboratory of Footwear Industry in Cracow.


wierzch: skóra bydlęca, laminowana
podeszwa: mikroguma o profilu antypoślizgowym
profil ortopedyczny


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