Female Clogs MK4

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Footrest Ring RP
13 sierpnia 2019
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Medical Shoes NAT1
20 sierpnia 2019

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Female clogs MK4
Premium-rate female clogs made from natural components. Steady foot support is granted by profiled wooden bottom.

Available colors: black, blue

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The bottom of the MK4 Clogs is made from light-weight poplar wood, while it’s top is made from cowskin. Moreover the bottom is glued with a carefully chose rubber, which supresses shocks and prevents the characteristic type of knocking. Theese shoes are very comfortable thanks to the longitudinal arch of foot support and the carving for one’s heel.


wierzch: skóra bydlęca, laminowana
drewniany spód typu: ELEGANCE
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36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, Sugerujemy wybór rozmiaru o jeden większy.


Czarny, Niebieski