About the company

We are a Polish healthcare equipment manufacturer. We research, design and introduce to the market ergonomic chairs, stools and shoes for doctors and medical assistance. We look after the quality and innovative character of our products. We already know the directions - for more than 10 years we have been servicing medical equipment produced all over the world - now we decided to use our knowledge.

Care for details

Manufactory means focus on every element we produce. There is no room for mass production. Quality is what matters.

We're not afraid of color

For that very reason our furniture will fit your interior exceptionally well. Choose from the whole spectrum of tones that the nature has offered us. (Nearly 50 different colors available for chairs, stools and mats.)

Innovative charcter

We pattern our products on the best solutions, but we know that there is always room for improvement and that is why we listen to and respond to doctors' needs. Every innovation we introduce is preceded by numerous consultations.

Full customisation

Each one of us is different and unique and therefore our products are customizable. The majority of our assortment is bespoke to make it fit the most daring dreams of our customers.
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